Celebrating our 15th Year: 2009-2024!
We serve 6th-8th Grade Children

Safety in the Ocean | Cultural and Ethnic Diversity | Enironmental Awareness | Long Term Health and Wellness

Head Coach/Director Michael Allen wins the "Be the Difference" Award for volunteer work with the surf children of our community. Watch the Video.


Registration is now CLOSED for the 2023-2024 Season (15th Year).

We run our surf program at the Opal Cliffs Park from 3-5pm every Wednesday.

Note: Since 2009, we were the original Shoreline Surf Team run by Michael Allen and Stacy Whittemore. In 2017 we changed our name to Pleasure Point Surf Club and joined up with the Boys & Girls Club. We are an award winning organization!

Mission Statement

Nurture our children by creating an environment that teaches ocean safety, environmental awareness, respect for oneself and for others; And to assist in building self-confidence, not only in surfing ability, but in all aspects of life so that each unique individual ultimately comes to understand their human potential in the community.

For $250 you get:

- A full school year of surfing and training.
- An outstanding coaching staff.
- 1 year membership with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz.
- Swag Bag
- Surf Club front zip hoody sweat shirt with custom art work.
- Wilderness Surfing First Aid training and First Aid kit.
- A hardcover Surf Club Year Book for sale at the end of the season.

Team Staff

— Michael Allen, Head Coach;pleasurepointsurfclub@gmail.com
— Stacy Whittemore, Coach; Shoreline Middle School - 831-475-6565, ext 201
— Brad McGibben, Coach, Firefighter
— Dave Berry, EMT, Coach
— Mike Herzog; Boys & Girls Club
— Justin Appold, Coach, Firefighter

Head Coach

Michael Allen graduated with his Master's degree in Philosophy from the California State University at Long Beach. He has been surfing for 40 years including surfing competitively with the Western Surfing Association early in his surfing career. He is the author of the book, Tao of Surfing: Finding Depth at Low Tide.

Coach Michael is also certified as a Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross Lifeguard, and teaches Surfers Wilderness First Aid for the Surfers Medical Association.

Additionally, he now serves as the West Coast Director of the Surfers Medical Association.

This is his 10th year coaching the team/club and directing operations.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jenny Oatey for her incredible graphic art work creating the new logo for Pleasure Point Surf Club. We look forward to putting this design onto the new club sweatshirts this year as well as on stickers, and anything else we can think of!
Special thanks to Diane at Blown Out Wetsuit Shop for donating wetsuits to the surf team and for remaining one of the best little local shops around.
Special thanks to Marisol Godinez who runs Women on Waves for her incredible art work/graphics design for the surf team sweat shirts for the surf seasons - 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017.

2020 Special recipients of the Rick Gaukel Surfboards.

Joe McGibben and Tessa Jefferies



"Your surf team has exceeded our expectations and has consistently gone above and beyond just learning to surf."

~ Davi Schill ~
"Mason has been living in the water so far this summer. He s caught the surfing bug. Thanks for all you do with kids and getting them to fall in love with the ocean."

~ Megan Tresham ~
"Being a part of the surf team for the last two years was the highlight of middle school for our son! Coach Michael is an incredible coach who obviously has a real passion for the water, surf, and the kids. We looked through several surf lesson options in the area and could not have been happier to end up with Michael and his amazing team. Thank you!"

~ Bethany Monthaven ~
"Thank you for your dedication to our kids enjoying surfing. Surf team is a fantastic experience!"

~ Darcy Thole ~
"One of the things we are missing most, aside from surfing itself, is the friendship, and comradery socializing that we had with our surf family. What the girls learned (as well as us) about respect and the ocean is going to be hard to top. These things have gone a long way in the growth of our kids as well as us as a family."

~ Carl & Hester Gooding ~
"Both of my kids were part of this Amazing team. It is a very welcoming community that promotes a safe environment for kids to fall in love with the sport of surfing. Coach Michael is very passionate about giving kids the opportunity to learn at their own pace while feeling fully supported and motivated to conquer the waves."

~ Marisol ~
"My kids love surf club. I m so thankful that they not only get to learn how to surf but learn ocean safety and an appreciation for the natural environment."

~ Corinne Hyland ~
"I see the surf club as an outlet to escape the competitive nature that exists in Santa Cruz. Kids are so pressured in school, by their peers, and by social media. They are expected to perform, and often times they are actually demanded to perform, which I think is a disadvantage to those children over the long term."

"As humans, we have the gift of Self Care, but if you take away the essence of what surfing is really about, then you are only left with the competitive nature of it. Competition. Self care will continue to nurture you for the rest of your life. The Pleasure Point Surf Club has allowed my son time to truly connect to nature and to the pure essence of surfing. The club feels like Ohana, a Hawaiian family feeling, and has a definite sense of community."

~ Doc Riviera, PPNF ~
Surfing has brought my son such joy, confidence and strength. I have watched him grow from a timid toe dipper to a strong paddler. What an immeasurable gift. Thank you surf club team for your energy and dedication. Immense impact: ocean safety, wilderness training, surfing skill and explosive happiness. Thank you!

-- Melissa Schilling


Surfing Wilderness First Aid Training

The first day of training was held at the Boys & Girls Club.

We covered quite a bit during the class, had snacks for the break, and gave out first aid kits at the end of the hands-on medical training.

Our focus is to train these children to be safe, to recognize potential emergency signs, to help themselves, and help others in case of a medical emergency.

Thank you Sofie Del Valle (special effects makeup artist) for providing moulage makeup to prepare
some incredible looking and very realistic wounds to showcase and to help in our training.

Thank you coaches Stacy Whittemore, Rob Oatey, and Doc Riviera assisting with the First Aid training.

Thank you Jennifer Sherry, Unit Director for the Boys & Girls Club for helping to make this all happen!

The class topics were broken down as follows:

- Part 1: Preventative Medicine - Knowing How to Keep Safe
- Part 2: Medical Emergencies
- Part 3: Medical Kit hands-on Training
- Part 4: Mental Health and Fitness

Michael with presentation on ear potection

Sofie Del Valle applying special effects makeup

Finished moulage makeup for abrasion

The first aid class at the Boys & Girls Club

Hand packed first aid kits for the kids

Holly and Sofia - hands on first aid training

The second day of training focused on water rescue.

We covered water rescue training, helping to bring back a consious or unconscious victim safely to shore, and using a leash as a tourniquet.

Discussing water rescue

Discussing water rescue

Pulling victim onto board

Paddling conscious person to shore

Carrying in person on board

Discussing leash as tourniquet

Special Gift

Paddling the Streets

KSCO Radio Show

Click to listen to the PodCast of the radio show (November 2017)
Click to listen to the PodCast of the radio show (November 2018)

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